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Take a look at our extensive list of engineering services and you will be sure to find that we can provide the service that you are looking for.


KFW Engineers & Surveying is organized around three major branches – Residential Development, Commercial Development and Public Sector.  We offer comprehensive services in each sector.  Our expertise spans the life of each project from concept to final acceptance so you will enjoy excellent continuity on your project.

KFW is an energetic and nimble firm that embraces the latest technologies to improve our project delivery.  We are always on the lookout for newer technological advances that add value for our clients.

For example, we have an extensive GIS database and we are running the latest version of ArcGIS.  This improves project site selection and planning.  We also use Civil 3D with Building Information Modeling (BIM) which streamlines the project design phase.  This software is an excellent tool to provide photo-realistic visualizations at client and stakeholder meetings.  KFW stays on the forefront of the latest Low Impact Development (LID) technologies and we have experience installing the newest TCEQ-approved BMP’s.  Each KFW survey party is equipped with Leica GPS and robotic Total Stations for the best speed and accuracy.  This equipment reduces both field time and office analyzation processes on all of our land surveying work.

Geo & Enviro

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Our Land Surveyors are licensed in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, West Virgina and Pennsylvania.

With an in-house geology and environmental department, our team can manage and perform various karst, geologic, and environmental assessments. We are here to support your project from start to finish by offering regulatory compliance and permitting services, project planning & project management.

  Geologic services include:

  • Geologic Assessment
  • Geologic Feature Closure
  • Karst Feature Survey
  • Karst Feature Evaluation
  • Karst Feature Training
  • Recharge Feature Evaluation
  • Groundwater Resources Assessment
  • Hydrogeology

  Environmental services include:

  • Endangered Species Habitat Assessment
  • • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • • Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) Permitting/Evaluation/Removal/Remediation
  • • Soil/Water Sampling Services
  • • Hazardous Materials Investigation & Management
  • • Slug Discharge Control Plan
  • • Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan
  • • Water Well Evaluation/Plugging
  • • Texas/National Pollutant Discharge Eliminations Systems (TPDES/NPDES)
  • • UST/AST Investigation/Remediation


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Civil Land Development

KFW’s Civil Engineers are masters in the trade of land development for Residential, Commercial, and Private and Public Sector projects. Our Engineers are here to ensure your goals and expectations are fully met from project planning through construction. With in-house Surveying, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Hydraulics & Hydrology, and Geology Departments, we always have the most capable staff and services available to successfully complete your project.

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Public Sector Services

KFW has built a reputation for taking on projects that host unique challenges and providing innovative solutions—especially in the realm of the Public Sector. We have key staff with substantial experience planning, designing, and managing construction on a variety of government projects throughout South Texas.

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Land Surveying

Updated RPLS Map

Our Land Surveyors are licensed in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

TECHNOLOGY. New and improved technology is rapidly changing the land development industry and KFW prides itself on being a technology-driven firm. Keeping up to date with the latest tools and technology facilitates a wide range of faster, more accurate services- reducing time spent on-site and cutting labor costs.

PRECISION IN THE FIELD. KFW will provide you with an accurate, on-budget delivery of services at an exceptionally faster speed. Through the use of KFW’s 3D Laser Scanners, point clouds, etc., we are able to catch deviations before they impact your schedule and budget, minimizing costly delays.

NO DELAYS IN CONSTRUCTION. At KFW, your projects will be prioritized and data will be delivered according to your schedule. Our land surveyors understand the challenges and urgency of the construction industry.

  Services include:

  • UAV Mapping
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Metes & Bounds (Easement) Descriptions
  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
  • Catgeory 1A/B Land Title Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Route Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Tree Surveys
  • Improvement Surveys
  • Engineering Design Surveys
  • Construction Staking
  • Easement Field Notes
  • Subdivision Plats
  • Subdivision Lot Staking
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates
  • Scanning Services
  • 3D Imaging
  • Subsurface Utility Location
  • TABC Exhibits


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GIS Services

KFW Engineers & Surveying utilizes GIS tools to generate reports, databases, and online services to help with planning and design implementation for Residential Development, Commercial Development, and Government Services. The GIS Department uses ArcGIS to populate and illustrate city, county, state and, federal datasets. The GIS department uses ArcServer to showcase several different data sets online allowing the user to gather information about a parcel of land and make informed decisions. KFW Engineers uses GIS software along with AutoCAD to provide support for all engineering projects from site selection and data gathering to construction management and final data as-builts.

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