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Our Land Surveyors are licensed in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.


New and improved technology is rapidly changing the land development industry and KFW prides itself on being a technology-driven firm. Keeping up to date with the latest tools and technology facilitates a wide range of faster, more accurate services- reducing time spent on-site and cutting labor costs.


KFW will provide you with an accurate, on-budget delivery of services at an exceptionally faster speed. Through the use of KFW’s 3D Laser Scanners, point clouds, etc., we are able to catch deviations before they impact your schedule and budget, minimizing costly delays.


At KFW, your projects will be prioritized and data will be delivered according to your schedule. Our land surveyors understand the challenges and urgency of the construction industry.

Construction Staking

The process of interpreting construction plans & marking the location of proposed new structures such as roads, utilities or buildings to ensure a project is built according to design plans.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveying

Land Title Surveys containing all improvements & title information, conforming to current ALTA/NSPS standards as well as client specifications.

Topographic Surveying

Creation of 3D surfaces & models from elevation shots collected in the field or from UAV point cloud data.

3D Laser Scanning
U.A.V. Services
  • UAV Mapping
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Metes & Bounds (Easement) Descriptions
  • Category 1A/B Land Title Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Route Surveys
  • Subdivision Lot Staking
  • Tree Surveys
  • Improvement Surveys
  • Engineering Design Surveys
  • Easement Field Notes
  • Subdivision Plats
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates
  • Scanning Services
  • 3D Imaging
  • TABC Exhibits


Our Survey Department offers a robust array of 3D Laser Scanning services that separate us from other local firms.

  • Spatial data collection tool
  • Produces 3D data, HDR imaging, & heat scans
  • Creates color point cloud renderings of your project
  • Reduces time spent on-site by 50 - 70%
  • Assists with quality assurance by identifying deviations from design before they impact your project's schedule & budget
  • Can record concrete flatness, as-is conditions, etc.
  • 250 meter scanning range in any direction
  • 1 million shots per second

High, low, pitch black, or hard to reach - this scanner captures all of the detailed areas and tight spaces your project may have.

  • Full 360-degree scan in under four (4) minutes
  • Gathers exact measurements in tight spaces
  • Eliminates 'noise' such as pedestrians or passing cars to provide a clearer image
  • 100,000 shots per second
  • Produces 3D data, HDR imaging, & infrared imaging
  • Instant rendering optimizes time and data collection in the field
  • Cyclone software can stitch together BLK360 scan with P40 scan for highly detailed project rendering
  • Compact design, can be maneuvered in close quarters. Often mounted on an inverted tripod, this scanner can be lowered into sanitary sewer or storm sewer manholes.
  • Excellent for hard-to-reach spaces:
    • Industrial, Commercial, and Urban buildings
    • Above & below pipeline structures
    • Water filtration tank rooms
    • Tightly spaced closets and enclaves
    • Narrow geological features
    • Spaces too small to set up larger equipment

KFW utilizes the Nova MS50, the world’s first MultiStation, with Leica’s key data component mergeTEC to perform 3D laser scanning and digital imaging to create 3D point clouds for your project.

  • mergeTEC: enhanced total station functionality, GNSS connectivity, digital imaging, 3D laser scanning, and laser distancing.
  • Image assisted surveying uses a 3D overlay to increase measurement quality with a newly reduced measuring time
  • Provides the ability to see data in-field to double check accuracy and completeness
  • Makes our crews’ productivity and accuracy highly competitive


KFW Surveying has adopted the latest UAV mapping technology for producing data for survey grade mapping projects. We employ four FCC Part 107 licensed sUAS pilots.

KFW Surveying owns two UAVs, a Sensefly eBee and a DJI Phantom 4 RTK. The eBee is fixed wing and primarily used for larger projects, and can fly faster and cover more ground. The Phantom has quad-rotors and is efficient for smaller projects and those projects which have tighter physical constraints.
Examples of uses of our UAVs:
  • Topographic mapping of graded pads and hardscapes such as streets or pavement.
  • Extraction of linework out of the point cloud for mapping linear features.
  • Photographs and videos of projects for a “before and after” point of view or for marketing purposes.
  • Visual inspection of facilities and areas which are unsuitable for survey crews.
Douglas A. Kramer, R.P.L.S.
Survey Project Manager

Doug’s career in surveying began in 1970 as a draftsperson. He eventually took to the field which triggered his aspirations into land surveying. After changing employment several times to gain a broader understanding of the many facets of surveying, he became licensed as a Land Surveyor in Pennsylvania, 1982. In 1992 he opened his own firm in Oley, Pennsylvania but closed his business in 2014 to move to Texas. He became licensed in Texas in 2016 and West Virginia in 2017. Currently his primary focus is on ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, various other land title surveys, and miscellaneous rights-of way or easement surveys. He has consistently been involved in the surveying community and is currently a member of the Texas Society of Professional Land Surveyors and the National Society of Professional Surveyors.

Tim C. Pappas, R.P.L.S.
Survey Project Manager

Tim started out in the surveying and mapping industry in Houston in 1991. He worked his way up through the field to party chief then to office survey technician on projects all over the United States. Tim was registered as a professional land surveyor in Texas in 2002, California in 2007, and Colorado and New Mexico in 2012. Tim has extensive experience in the oil and gas and pipeline industry, residential and commercial projects, and is TXDOT pre-certified. Tim earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Technology from the University of Houston and did graduate work in the Geospatial Surveying Engineering program at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. He has also been active in the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors since 1994.

Teresa A. Seidel, R.P.L.S.

Teresa is Partner of KFW Surveying and has helped grow her team for over 10 years since its founding in 2008. She grew up in the industry and is very knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction world, as her Dad owned a contracting company. Teresa became a Registered Professional Land Surveyor in December of 2002.

Surveying runs in the Seidel family. Hermann Lungkwitz was a Draftsman and Photographer for the General Land Office (1870-1874) and his daughter, Martha, was the first female to work for the General Land Office. Teresa’s mom is named after her. She also has an uncle, Richard Klappenback, who was the County Surveyor for Blanco County in 1916.

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